The Fabrication Lab

Our 3D printer

… we got one of the last still open hard & software versions of the MakerBot™. The dual extruder Replicator™ 1 is doing its job in our lab.

Our plastics extruder

… we do make our own filament with the help of an industrial grade extruder in combination with an Arduino(™) powered robot coiling the filament.


Electronic kits in the Lab

… Sparkfun(TM) Inventor’s Kit with a bunch of Arduinos(TM), many sensors …

… Rapberry Pi(™) A and B, piFace(™), Camera Module How to setup the camera hardware.

… Intel® Edison, Mini Breakout Board

… upcoming: on our wish list, still the Lego® Mindstorms Education EV3 Komplettpaket  – sponsors are welcome 😉

New: our SMD reflow oven, you get it for just 30€ … right hand you do see the „probe“ measuring temperature during the soldering process:


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