• Bring some zen to your living room with this CNC end table Februar 17, 2017
    Why settle for a some boring furniture, when you can have your own sand and rock display powered by an Arduino Uno and stepper motors instead?! According to his write-up, Instructables user “MakrToolbox” gets many ideas that never leave the pages of his Moleskin notebook. Although it has to be difficult to decide which ones gets to live in […]
  • Homemade MDF desktop CNC router for €200 Februar 15, 2017
    Using an Arduino Uno with a CNC shield,  Thimo Voorwinden has made his own CNC out of MDF for just over €200 ($212). CNC routers really open up what the type of item you can make, but tend to be expensive. Voorwinden’s homemade version, however, features a work area of 200mm x 250mm x 100mm. As shown […]
  • Giant interactive crossword puzzle uses 130 Arduinos Februar 14, 2017
    In what is perhaps the most Arduino boards used together, 130 Arduino Nanos, (plus an Arduino Mega), 130 RFID readers, and 750 RGB LEDs power this interactive crossword puzzle. As you might suspect, bringing a giant crossword puzzle to life was lot of work. If you’d like to know how much, you can see the process […]
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