• Create a coffee notification system for your office Februar 23, 2018
    Hacker “wesgood,” apparently not satisfied with randomly checking the office coffee pot to see if a fresh brew was available, decided to make his own notification system. His device uses a current sensor to monitor power usage of the coffee pot, and after some observation, he was able to pick out its brewing pattern—7A at […]
  • Strange vocal interactions with ‘you, me and all these machines’ Februar 22, 2018
    Moscow-based artist ::vtol:: is back again with an interesting interactive exhibit entitled “you, me and all these machines.” His latest work, a collaboration with Lovozero, allows two participants to produce otherworldly vocals together. One participant wears the device, which points a directional microphone under the control of the other participant at her mouth using a servo […]
  • Designing an Arduino-powered split-flap display Februar 22, 2018
    If you’d like a split-flap display with numbers and letters, options tend to be quite expensive. This though was no problem for hacker “scottbez1” who reports that after “only” two-plus years of work, he has produced a split-flap assembly that plugs into an Arduino Uno as a sort of external shield. The device employs inexpensive stepper […]
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