• Arduino simulator puts you in the driver’s seat of a toy car Juni 24, 2016
    As part of their final project at EDN – Navàs, robotics students Rafart Jordi and Marc Thomas recently built an impressive Arduino simulator that captures video from a camera-equipped RC vehicle and displays it on a TV screen, making it feel as though you’re in the driver’s seat of a shrunken-down car. The simulator is powered by an Arduino Uno along with an IBT-2 H-Bridge […]
  • This funny robot pets your dog’s head and feeds them a treat Juni 23, 2016
    While this recent project may look like something straight out of Simone Giertz’s notebook, it’s actually the brainchild of James Cochrane. The engineer, who admittedly loves building all sorts of crazy machines, has developed an apparatus he calls the IoT Robot People/Pet Affectionator. As its name would suggest, the Affectionator is an Arduino Nano-driven device that automatically gives his dog […]
  • Cosmic Bitcasting is a wearable radiation detector Juni 23, 2016
    Cosmic Bitcasting is a digital art and science project emerging from the idea of connecting the human body with the cosmos by creating a wearable device with embedded light, sound and vibration that will provide sensory information on the invisible cosmic radiation that surrounds us. This open-source project actually works by detecting secondary muons generated by cosmic rays hitting the […]
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