• Light up the elements with this periodic table display Januar 16, 2018
    If you took chemistry at any point in your life, you were exposed to the periodic table, which organizes different atomic structures by their atomic number. It’s an amazing chart, demonstrating just how much “stuff” our world is made up of! To show off the element collection he shares with his girlfriend, elemental hacker “Maclsk” […]
  • RFID-controlled dry cleaner machine displays glowing leaves Januar 16, 2018
    While you may not give dry cleaning conveyors much thought, Andrew Quitmeyer and Madeline Schwartzman’s “Replantment” exhibition at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery uses them in an entirely new way, along with glowing silicone molds of leaves from all over the world. The machine detects when an RFID tag attached to a laundry ticket is nearby, […]
  • Robotic playing card dealer made with cardboard Januar 16, 2018
    Ruben, aka “Ruubz0r,” a mechanical engineering student, was tasked with building a smart object. As he enjoys card games, he decided to make a playing card distributor. The resulting device uses a single servo to slide cards off of a deck, along with a stepper motor and ultrasonic sensor to aim it at the human recipient. […]
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