• Building a flamethrower guitar with Genuino 101 Mai 23, 2016
    In support of the TBS show “America’s Greatest Makers,” YouTuber/plumber/stuntman/inventor Colin Furze recently took on the challenge of turning a bass guitar into a flamethrower with the help of a Genuino 101. Because after all, there’s nothing more metal than fire bursting as a rockstar shreds on-stage. To bring this project life, Fruze added a pair of modified blow torches to the neck of the guitar […]
  • Arduino Create is a one stop shop for Makers Mai 20, 2016
    More than 10 years ago, we set out to simplify electronics with easy-to-use, open-source hardware. 10 years later, we’re looking to do the same for Internet of Things development with Arduino Create — an integrated online platform that enables Makers to write code, access content, configure boards, and share projects. Traditionally speaking, going from an idea to a fully-functional […]
  • Bringing technology into the hands of teachers and students Mai 20, 2016
    Arduino and Genuino Education is a worldwide-leading school initiative bringing technology into the hands of teachers and students to create a more inventive learning experience. It offers multiple platforms, including research-based projects like PELARS and in-class programs such as Creative Technologies in the Classroom (CTC), all of which are present at this year’s Maker Faire Bay […]
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