• The Weather Followers randomizes your digital experience Oktober 20, 2017
    As our lives become more and more automated, we tend to rely on computers and unseen algorithms to “protect” us from unapproved experiences. In order to illustrate this concept, and hopefully introduce serendipitous events to our digital lives, David Colombini has come up with an installation that feeds information to users via a web app, […]
  • Integrating a Nintendo Power Glove with today’s VR technology Oktober 19, 2017
    When the Power Glove was released in the early 1990s, the idea that you could control games with hand motions was incredible, but like the Virtual Boy that followed years later, the hardware of the day just couldn’t keep up. Today, hardware has finally gotten to the point where this type of interface could be […]
  • Make an Arduino-controlled boost gauge for your racing sim dash Oktober 18, 2017
    If you’re really serious about car racing games, at some point you may want to upgrade your instruments from being on-screen to physically residing in your living room. While this would appear to be an arduous task, displaying your in-game boost level on a physical gauge is actually as easy as connecting a few wires […]
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