• Monitor your solar energy with a dual-axis tracker Juli 28, 2016
    As part of a thesis project, Belgian student Bruce Helsen built a dual-axis tracker for optimizing solar panel use. Although adding a tracking system to a larger installation can be pricey (and likely not the most cost-effective option), it can certainly come in handy for smaller units. Helsen’s dual-axis tracker fits two 12V 150W solar panels for a 300W peak output, and […]
  • Musician creates MIDI-triggered LED cubes with Arduino Juli 28, 2016
    For the release of his latest EP, Dario Marturano brought together electronic music, technology, science, and dance to create an awe-inspiring music video called “Pyrite.” The artist (and STEAM advocate), who goes by the stage name Holograph, built a set of illuminated cubes using plexiglass boxes and LED strips that are MIDI-triggered via Arduino circuitry. As Make: Magazine explains, the setup consists of an Arduino, some MOSFET for 12V (in the LED cubes), […]
  • Kick the habit with a cigarette smoke-detecting shirt Juli 27, 2016
    You’ve heard it before, smoking is bad for your health. However, despite the countless warnings, millions of people continue to use cigarettes–including 7th grade student Petter’s dad. Mindful of this, the young Maker came up with a new way to shame smokers into quitting. The aptly named “Cigarette Smoke Detecting Shirt” consists of an Arduino LilyPad, a smoke […]
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