• First day of tomorrow in Paris with Massimo Banzi April 17, 2014
    Organized by Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Network, a non for profit organization founded in 2011, The First Day of Tomorrow is a conference  bringing together the world’s top leaders in technology, research, startup investment, and entrepreneurship to highlight the hottest technologies and startups that are building our TOMORROW. It’s taking plac […]
  • How to make your own Primo prototype using digital fabrication and Arduino boards April 16, 2014
    Primo‘s team sent us exciting news from their HQ about their contribution to the open source community. After the successful Kickstarter campaign to launch the wooden play-set that uses shapes, colours and spacial awareness to teach programming logic through a tactile, warm and magical learning experience, they took a step further. They released all the […]
  • The most advanced Lamp/Speaker is open source and also Arduino at heart April 15, 2014
    Interacting with objects in a new way has always been the main focus of Digital Habits, a design studio based in Milan.  Today we are proud to announce they’ve become a partner  of the Arduino At Heart program with their new project called Cromatica (it was exhibited at the coveted Fuorisalone Milan Design Week in the Superstudio […]
  • A subcategory for everything April 18, 2014
    Projects on Kickstarter come from every corner of the creative universe, and we want to recognize that. As of today, you can create and discover projects in 94 new subcategories.We've finally added the subcategories you've all been asking for, like 3D Printing, Food Trucks, Architecture, Playing Cards and even Typography. We also added a few subcat […]
  • Starting a Project Just Got Easier April 15, 2014
    Thinking about starting a project? It’s now easier and more fun than ever. Before you log in, you'll now see a page that lets you play around with keywords that might help you figure out where your project fits in the Kickstarter universe. The design was inspired by one of our favorite childhood games: Mad Libs. Can you tell? You can use this to refine […]
  • Kickstarter in the Netherlands! April 7, 2014
    Earlier this year we announced that Kickstarter would soon open up to Netherlands-based projects for the first time. Today we're happy to announce that that day has finally come! Beginning today (like, right now!), people in the Netherlands can start building their projects by clicking on the "Start a project" button on the Start page. Startin […]