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c’t Hacks (heise Verlag in cooperation with Make:) published an detailed story about the „Platinchen“ aka blueIOT – link (external)

Getting started

Latest news and more and explore the Watch, the Fitness Tracker, the Home Gateway … all designed and invented in Germany! To be up to date on latest development you also can check and subscribe to our twitter channel.


The latest revision of „Platinchen“ is now breadboard friendly and very flexible to us, in the size of 20×20 mm it goes as a core into our watch design:


If you are interested in getting one of the limited „Platinchen“ aka blueIOT boards please use the notify button on the frontpage!
If you are running a Fab Lab or school – we might have special offers for you to! Just tell us …

Here you will find the schematic of „Platinchen“ – the final one needs still to be uploaded. As preview you will find an early version: Schematic

GitHub host an amazing Fritzing component of „Platinchen“ to play with, keep in mind you need Fritzing software – which includes the component „blueIOT“ already as part of their core library. (still need further thing to be uploaded (Code Samples, Libs) – if you do need urgent access, please drop me an email – front page notify button)

Wiring all up:


The wiring diagramm


Use the Arduino IDE 1.0.5 or later – set to Arduino Pro Mini (3.3V/8Mhz) – that’s it – have fun!

More use full libs:

Display options:

Adafruit 128×32 Monochrome OLED – Arduino I2C – Library

Adafruit Sharp Memory Display – Arduino SPI – Library

Both Libs are requiring: Adafruit GFX – Library

Power Management:

Motion activated sleep – Library

How to sleep and wake up based on ADXl362 from Analog – link

Sending and receiving (sensor)data via BLE (Bluetooth 4.0):

– Using Raspberry Pi as Gateway to the Internet – link
– Using Smartphone (e.g. iPhone/iPad) – link

Optional, we are not using this BLE Library – but it might be helpful:

BGLib implementation for Bluegiga BLE112 Bluetooth Smart module – link

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  1. Frank sagt:

    I am very interested in buying the Hardware.
    When will it be available?
    Please keep me informed.


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