Find the most important sources:

– Adafruit: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-bno055-absolute-orientation-sensor/overview
– KrisWiner: https://github.com/kriswiner/BNO-055

or simply start with the example included in the new Arduino IDE 1.0.7

– the NAxesMotion/Euler example


– tbc

2 commenti su “Pico
  1. jbird sagt:


    Are there any plans on expanding the documentation a little bit?

    I’m having some issues connecting pico to uno. All documentation, drivers and sample code seem to require i2c, while the only accessible pins on pico are tx/rx. I’m not really sure to how to connect it …


    • FabLab sagt:

      jbird, the pico carries an ATmega328P (same CPU an Arduino(TM) UNO uses, also it carries the Arduino(TM) boot loader) – the sensor is internal on the Pico connected via I2C to the ATmega328P which is on the same pico board, you do get both on the same board, the TX/RX you can use the fash code via the Arduino(TM) IDE like the code samples or you can also use it to send sensor data to other units (PC, RaspPi, …) – keep in mind all on 3.3V level (!)

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