Plant moisture control and micro weather station

This is a 30 minutes or less project to build your own device for plant moisture control with an integrated micro weather station!

What you get:

Moisture, Humidity, Barometer, Temperature … all transmitted via little Bluetooth(™) Low Energy aka BLE  events to your
Smartphone, Homegateway …

What you need:

1x blueIOT
1x moisture sensor (link)
1x coin cell battery CR2032 or 2x AAA batteries
1×1 cm double sided tape

optional if you want to have in addition to the Bluetooth(™) data transmission display attached

1x I2C OLED (link)

That’s it! – Oh yes you do need some code, working on GitHub upload for you …

Fix the moisture sensor on to the blueIOT:


Stick double sided tape to blueIOT back side


Mout moisture sensor, solder wires to A0, GND, 3V


Run it!