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blueIOT was featured at Maker Faire Bay Area 2014, an unique combination of Arduino MCU and Bluetooth(™) Low Energy module, with the focus of ultra-low power, so runs a 1uA mode. The blueIOT give a unique opportunity to quickly develop applications which are interacting with Smartphones and more as it is also can become an Beacon.

Now we have designed based on the littleBits HDK an breakout board called „Beacon“ which hosts the blueIOT and connect it to the SIG line as input and output device.

What can you do with it? Expose SIG input (0-5V) events from other bits to the Arduino to some magic processing in combination with the power your Smartphone and drive back a SIG output (0-5V). This Bluetooth(™) Smart (aka BLE) implementation does not require heavy coding – you just expose your payload (signal data) to the Smartphone use the processing power and send data back.

In the photo you see the proximity detection of an Smartphone to the blueIOT breakout and the closer you are the more LEDs are switched on the barograph.

littleBits can interact with Beacons, or can become an Beacon, while transmitting sensor data (SIG) at the same time. Also you can set SIG out to a specific value just from the Smartphone, which will be your gateway to the internet as well. An App for the iPhone allows you to record SIG data in a graph an use buttons, slides, and even maps.

The breakout board focuses on providing power and signal conversion. blueIOT will be snapped in and does the rest. blueIOT module is required. blueIOT is an open platform. The breakout board can host popular Mini Arduino boards as well, but without an BLE.

Tones of interactive fun …





Schematic: if interested drop us an email!

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