Jeff Rowberg did a great job developing the BGLib which is a Library for BLE112/BLE113 modules specially supporting Arduino. We tested in on Platinchen aka blueIOT … and it runs smoothly 😉

Here are the mods to be made:

SoftwareSerial bleSerialPort(6, 9); // RX, TX

#define LED_PIN 5 // Arduino Uno LED
#define BLE_WAKEUP_PIN 7 // Assuming digital pin 5 is connected to BLE wake-up pin (P1_6 in my firmware)

That’s all – btw blueIOT support module wake up !


2 commenti su “BGLib
  1. Nicolas sagt:


    Could you please confirm that it works directly with the blueIOT standalone, without any other controller ? (so, using the integrated Atmega328 on the blueIOT)

    Thanks in advance for your answer,
    Best regards,


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