Platinchen / blueIOT

Internet of Things (IOT) is getting a color: „Platinchen“ aka blueIOT.

We invented the first open sensor platform for IOT uses an combination of Arduino(™) IDE and Bluetooth(™) Smart aka Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) driven by just a single coin cell battery – with our expertise in ultra-low power a unique foundation for your projects! blueIOT comes with an core MCU ATmega 328P and an certified BLE module. In addition you will find a unique combination of sensors with an extremely low power consumption, while still using your Arduino IDE 1.0.5. Here you will find some ideas which are based on blueIOT:

Build your own fitness tracker: have you seen fitness tracker recording data even you are not doing any exercises?  While sitting in the car and still earning fitness points? Develop your own algorithm for detecting your sport exercises and motion patterns. Take fitness tracker to the next level! Btw. you can add an OELD if you want to display data.


Have you dreamed about recording sensor data together with your GoPro(™) sport camera while doing crazy jumps? Use simply blueIOT to record the sensor data on an SD Cards up to 32GByte of storage – later merge the data as an on screen display using your favorite movie software (e.g. link).

You are looking for a Beacon sending UUID / major / minor for detection of proximity … blueIOT will do the job. Even you can have in addition to the advertisement your own specific characteristics sending sensor data.

You do want to monitor the health of you plants … blueIOT can report humidity but with an additional sensor also


On our Fab-Lab page you will find soon the schematics and a bunch of code examples how to process and visualize the sensor data received from BlueIOT on and devices supporting BLE (iPhone, iPad, Raspberry Pi, etc). Have fun with this journey into ultra-low power and cool hacks, making IOT yours … and blueIOT!

Getting started, the wiring diagram:


3 commenti su “Platinchen / blueIOT
  1. Don Coleman sagt:


    Nice to meet you at the Maker Faire in California this weekend. I really enjoyed your presentation on blueIOT.

    I’m interested in buying some hardware when it’s available, even if it’s beta or preproduction.

    I think this is a great project and I’d like to be consider including it in the Bluetooth Low Energy book I’m working on.

    – Don

  2. Mehul sagt:


    Great work with the blueIOT. I wanted to do it at home. Can you please provide me the schematics? Is it possible to run an LCD directly from the BLE113 that you used?

    Please let me know as I cant wait to build my own smartwatch.



    • FabLab sagt:

      yes would work depending on display and memory needed, the memory display I am using need cache on the MCU – check BGscript